BOSTON — Boston Police have announced an arrest in a deadly weekend stabbing and say the victim was a U.S. Marine veteran.

The stabbing happened Saturday night at 33 Union Street, not far from Faneuil Hall.

The victim was identified on Monday by police as Daniel Martinez, 23, from the Palos Hills, Illinois, which is outside of Chicago.

Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden says Martinez had finished his active-duty service as a U.S. Marine about a year ago, after serving for four years.

Martinez’s mother told WLS-TV in Chicago her son has been enjoying life and traveling since completing his military service.

“I finally let my guard down a little bit now that he was back, and it was a sigh of relief for me. I’m like okay, he’s home, my boy’s home. Now, I could just exhale. And then, for this to happen, it just doesn’t make sense” said his mother, Apolonia Martinez.

“This is a heartbreaking case… for how this city might be perceived,” said Hayden. “This is not a representation of our city and who we are.”

The suspect has been identified as Alvaro Omar Larrama, 39, of East Boston. Larrama is charged with murder.

The district attorney says Larrama was employed as a bouncer at Sons of Boston, at 19 Union Street.

“I can’t discern any motive, other than a possible disagreement between the two parties,” said Hayden.

Court paperwork shows Martinez had been stabbed in the left side of his chest after Martinez and a friend were tried to enter the Sons of Boston bar.

After Martinez and his friend were denied entry, “there was an exchange of words,” according to the police report filed with the court.

As Martinez and his friend started to walk away, “Larrama was then observed running after the victim, with what appeared to be an unknown object in his right hand, which he was extending towards the victim as he pursued him,” according to the police report.

“Apparently aware he was being pursued, the victim turned and faced Larrama, extending his left hand as if to block or fend off an imminent attack. The victim then struck Larrama on the left side of Larrama’s head with what appeared to be an aluminum beer bottle… An altercation then ensued during which Larrama can be seen striking the victim in the area of the victim’s left chest two times, the second of which caused the victim to grasp the area of his left chest with his hand,” according to the police report.

Several people then intervened. Police said Martinez then collapsed in front of 33 Union Street.

Larrama, according to the police report, was led back to the Sons of Boston bar by other staff, where he washed his hands, discarded his hat and sweatshirt, “before fleeing out the rear exit of the bar.”

Police say Larrama surrendered himself to Boston Police at District A15 and was taken into custody without incident.

He is currently being held without bail after his arraignment.

Editor’s note: The district attorney’s office updated its information on the victim’s military status on Monday afternoon, saying Martinez had finished his active duty service about a year ago, after serving four years.

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