Police are asking witnesses to submit video or photos to help them investigate. Sacramento City Hall is open for families of potential victims to gather at.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Police say six people are dead and at least ten others have been injured after a shooting early Sunday morning in downtown Sacramento.

Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester said at a news conference that police were patrolling the area at about 2 a.m. when they heard gunfire. When they arrived at the scene, they found a large crowd gathered on the street and six people dead. Another 10 either took themselves or were transported to hospitals. 

Authorities don’t know whether one or more suspects were involved and are asking for the public’s help in identifying who is responsible. Lester did not give specifics on the type of gun used.

This is “a very complex and complicated scene,” she said. Lester issued a plea to the public, asking for witnesses or anyone with recordings of the incident to contact police.

Sacramento City Hall was opened for family members of potential victims to gather.

Sacramento police are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the shooter.  They opened a website for people to submit evidence such as photos or videos.

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Five victims were taken to UC Davis Medical Center, officials there told ABC10.

Video posted on Twitter showed people running through the street as the sound of rapid gunfire could be heard in the background. Video showed multiple ambulances had been sent to the scene.  

Berry Accius of Sacramento’s Voice of the Youth said he came to the area at about 2:30 a.m. and found a “chaotic” scene. 

“A lot of victims with blood, just watching some of the families that didn’t know if their loved one was alive, running, trying to figure out what was happening, people distraught, people discombobulated,” Accius said. “It was just horrific.” 

The scene of the shooting is packed with restaurants and bars. It leads to the Golden One Center, where the Sacramento Kings play basketball. 

“Another shooting. More lives lost. The national gun violence epidemic has hit our community – again,” wrote Sacramento city council member Katie Valenzuela on Twitter.

Accius said the area, a popular nightlife spot, should have been safe.

“I’m just shocked that somebody would come here to a place where it should be safe and do something as heinous as this with multiple victims, not only just shot but dead in our city,” Accius said. “Right here in downtown, in a safe space.”

  Watch: Stevante Clark says the shooting was outside the London nightclub, details support for victims:

Kay Harris, 32, said she was asleep when one of her family members called to say they thought her brother had been killed. She said she thought he was at London, a nightclub at 1009 10th Street.

Harris said she has been to the club a few times and described it as a place for “the younger crowd.”

Police have the streets around the club closed, with yellow police tape fluttering in the early morning breeze. She has spent the morning circling the block waiting for news.

“Very much so a senseless violent act,” she said.

Shooting Reaction

Gov. Gavin Newsom issued the following statement regarding Friday’s mass shooting:

“Sadly, we once again mourn the lives lost and for those injured in yet another horrendous act of gun violence. Jennifer and I send our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and to the wider community impacted by this terrible tragedy.

“As it is early in this investigation, my Administration will continue to work closely with local and state law enforcement as we monitor the situation.

“What we do know at this point is that another mass casualty shooting has occurred, leaving families with lost loved ones, multiple individuals injured and a community in grief. The scourge of gun violence continues to be a crisis in our country, and we must resolve to bring an end to this carnage.”

Former Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn released the following statement:

“All too familiar tragedy in Sacramento again this morning. Crime scene tape, evidence markers, devastated families, a fearful community and much more. There are many contributing factors to violence, and the all too familiar division is one of them. The answer isn’t huge law enforcement & zero tolerance. The answer isn’t only social services and community organizations. The solutions lay in real collaboration and addressing the immediate safety issues but more importantly- the root causes of this violence.”

The Sacramento Kings released the following statement following the Sunday morning shooting:

 “Our community grieves as we mourn those lost today senselessly killed by gun violence. Our prayers are with those who have been wounded and heart goes out to all the families in anguish affected by this devastating act.”

Sacramento Mayor Darryl Steinberg released a statement on Twitter saying, “Words can’t express my shock & sadness this morning. The numbers of dead and wounded are difficult to comprehend. We await more information about exactly what transpired in this tragic incident.”

Sacramento Regional Transit tweeted a bus bridge is in effect on Blue Line (north area) from Globe to 13th Street light rail stations.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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