SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — Flare-ups continue to burn Monday following the weekend fire that destroyed a San Jose Home Depot.

The investigation into what happened is still underway.

In their 3:05 p.m. update the San Jose Fire Department said firefighters continued to work to extinguish flare-ups from debris that was trapped below the collapsed roof.

The fire has been the talk of the community and nearly life-changing for the people who live just behind this store.

VIDEO: Massive fire tears through Home Depot in SJ

The building off Blossom Hill Rd. was much more visible Monday morning, showing much of the store gutted by the fire and merchandise destroyed.

Some of those who live close to the Home Depot are devastated at what they’ve seen.

“I thought let’s go check it out. The closer I got, the more I thought, I don’t want to see it,” said Oscar Sarabia. “I’ve lived here for so long. That was a place I came to all the time, it’s gone”

Debris could still be seen in the yards of the homes closest to the Home Depot and as far as at least a mile away.

“Seeing how high the plume of smoke was I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a long way away but, a mile away for sure,” said Steve Nelson, who lives near the site.

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Neighbors we spoke with who live just behind the site of the Home Depot are still processing just how close they were to losing their homes.

“I looked out my front window and I saw smoke and then I come outside to my front yard and I see smoke, explosions going, it was pretty intense,” said Robert Candelaria.

Though he was able to stay in his home, Ryshiem Henderson, was able to come back to his this morning after having to spend two nights in a hotel.

“I panicked like anyone would, I mean it was right next to my backyard and really looking over my fence you could really see everything,” Henderson said.

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He like so many of the other homeowners in this neighborhood are still working through a lot of different emotions.

But one feeling that stands out among them all, is gratitude.

“The fire department saved my home simply because they were spraying water on the roof and fighting the flames back,” Henderson said.

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