Durango, CO Sept, 23 — Rerouted, a start-up that’s using technology to make it easier than ever to buy, sell & donate used gear online, has just released its mobile application to the public. Their mission is to fix the used gear industry and help everyone create their own wilderness adventures with affordable, sustainable & accessible used outdoor gear. This comes along with a slew of other announcements from Rerouted. These include new features for users (both on web & mobile), new original Rerouted media releases & upcoming events.

In September, The Rerouted Mobile App was released to the public. The Rerouted Mobile App helps people buy, sell & donate outdoor gear from the comfort of their homes, instantly & painlessly. Users are provided customized suggestions of the best second-hand gear with Rerouted App’s ‘Curated Gear Closet’ feature. The Rerouted App has a proprietary gear uploader that allows sellers to list their gear faster than posting on social media without compromising details & SEO. The Rerouted App is available for download in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Chap Grubb, Founder & CEO, had this to say about the app, “We are proud to co-create our used gear solution with the wilderness community that our team is so passionate to serve. Our website has served our early adopters well, but it was time to power the gear exchange easily with a mobile app. The more the app gets used the more value we are able to create for our users. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and I am so proud of everyone that has contributed to this project. We are excited to work together with all of you to kick the cycle of used gear into hyperspeed!”

The App is in an open beta testing phase currently. Rerouted is leveraging user feedback to automate all processes of the used gear exchange. Future iterations of the app will include machine learning systems & Artificial Intelligence engines. With this technology, the Rerouted App will grow into a platform that enables a transaction in less than 5 minutes. Decide to sell old shoes, get a shipping label & get paid immediately.

Company Overview:

Rerouted is an online platform solution that helps people & businesses buy, sell or donate their used gear online. We are utilizing modern technology to streamline the process from start to finish. We are developing tools & software that will empower people & local gear stores to get their gear back out to the next generation of wilderness advocates. At Rerouted, we believe that generating more life for all gear is good for our customers, local businesses and the planet.

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