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Tornado Leaves Behind 2-Mile Wide Debris Field in Jacksboro

An unconfirmed tornado Monday afternoon has left behind significant damage in Jacksboro, including at Jacksboro High School and Jacksboro Elementary School.

Officials in Jacksboro said Monday night that a debris field from the storm is at least two miles wide.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured or killed.

On Monday night, officials in Jacksboro gave an update after an apparent tornado left a trail of damage in the town Monday afternoon.

Four people had to be rescued from a damaged home, but were not seriously hurt.

The Jacksboro fire chief estimated Monday night that at least 60 to 80 homes were damaged in the storm.

The Jacksboro Elementary School and the Jacksboro High School both sustained major damage as well, but no one was injured at either campus.

PHOTOS: Jacksboro Tornado Damage

There are also reports that the Jacksboro Aminal Shelter took a direct hit from the same storm. When NBC 5 called the shelter, they told us they were out surveying the damage.

There are also reports of trees blocking portions of Highway 380. Firefighters report major damage in the area of Highway 380 and FM 4 west of Jacksboro.

As of Monday night, the Faith Community Hospital in Jacksboro was operating on a backup generator, but did not have any serious damage.

Emergency Shelter Opens

A shelter has been set up in Jacksboro for anyone who may need it at the Twin Lakes Activity Center located at 1114 TX-59. The Red Cross is currently at the shelter to assist anyone who may need it.

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